Saturday, 16 April 2011

Quick brief on the New World Order

The Illuminati's main intention is to create a world in which is controlled by one world government. They intend to destroy everything that millions of years of a natural world and a progressive world have created. There methods are being discovered all the time and they're hitting all of you a lot more than you think. You think I'm talking crap? You're merely one of their victims, subliminal messaging is absolutely everywhere and you don't even know it. It's in each and every one of your homes, on the Television, in music, in movies and to those of you that are parents, they're in your children's card games.

Ladies and gentleman, this is not just simply something that you can chuck away like a discarded wrapper, this is real, we are here to simply advise and inform that you are living in a world of deceit. This secret society are taking your money to no end, they are single handedly taking the world in their grip. You remember the Mayan prediction? That the world is going to end? I understand if you don't believe their prediction could possibly be right, but think of it like this, what if these people are simply obiding by the date? What if they are simply following orders? I plead, if you just spend 30 minutes in your spare time, you will grasp the concept that maybe, just maybe, your mind can be changed, because the quicker it does, the better.


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