Sunday, 17 April 2011

Disney Subliminal Messaging

Disney, for decades, have provided family entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Little do many know that they're not just providing you with a movie, but they're also selling sex. Numerous "incidents" of vulgar imagery have appeared without you noticing, and to parents, your children are watching this everyday. Walt Disney also has ties with the Illuminati, it is known that Walt Disney is a 33rd degree freemason, a very high rank.
These Disney examples include films such as The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers, Who
Framed Roger Rabbit and, most controversially, The Lion King. The Little Mermaid has two main secrets, on the front cover of all original releases, you should take a closer look and the tower immediately to the left of the tallest tower, clearly visible is a very familiar, phallic-looking "thing". Basically it's a penis.

The artist that created the artwork for this movie cover was not necessarily a Disney employee, and lays the claims that he was on a pressuresome, tight schedule and was being laid off after the creation of this movie. Disney, however, were very quick to recognise this artistic "whoopsy", but obviously, it was merely coincidence. The artist himself, also was quoted saying he'd "be an idiot to admit it was intentional, if it was".

The second secret in The Little Mermaid is during the wedding, the priest gets a little too excited about the event. Clearly you can see a bulge coming from the priests trousers (pants if you're American), many have tried simply palming this off and claiming that it's his knee, but as you look closer to the artwork, simple depth perception will tell you his leg is the other side of this "bulge". Moralists filed a lawsuit against Disney for this mishap, but you will no longer find this on the later DVD releases of the film as they have been edited out.

As mentioned earlier, The Rescuers subliminal message is extremely controversial. This scene depicts two characters flying through the city. Only when this scene is slowed down can you see the blatent naked women in a window in the background. This only lasts for 2 frames, so it's visually extremely difficult to see without freeze-framing.

Another example is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit jumps out of a taxi, and, once again, for only a couple of frames, her dress blows up a little too far and we see the nude woman's open legs. Also later on in the film, reportedly, the home telephone number of Michael Eisner is seen, however this has been edited out of modern releases.
In Aladdin, Aladdin reaches for Jasmin outside her balcony, and the whispering words "Good teenagers take off your clothes", is heard, you may have to listen carefully, but if you have the film on VHS you can try this out for yourself.

In The Lion King, the subliminal messages are littered throughout the whole film, however the most controversial one is when a dandelion is blown and the pappi spread in the air, the form the space around the word "sex". Disney claim that it in fact says "SFX", but a close look can confirm our beliefs. However, the word "sex" can be seen on numerous occasions throughout. Pocahontas is another example of a Disney film in which the word "sex" can be spelt within the animation. These subliminal messages are in almost every Disney movie, not just the examples that I have highlighted, these other examples are just not as noticable or controversial as the listed ones. Why not see if you can find more of your own? Many will appear on VHS releases of the film, if you find anymore blatent disregards for the public, please feel free to throw in a mention.


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  3. Hello, I am french.
    Please, look at this video, and you will understand that this tv show " smallville " is corrupted by Luciferian or freemason :

    God bless you